Arts and Crafts

arts and Crafts

Hand-made coptic bound books.

These are made mostly with leftover scraps and materials from old sketch books. I had collected a pile of partially-used books and particle board. It feels great to make something from those scraps, instead of letting them just take up space in my studio. 

Backlit Frames

Collab with artist Sarah Earnest

My dear friend Sarah makes these lovely pin-hole illustrations. One day over Thai food we realized that her art deserved a backlit frame. Below is the second frame I've made and the best. I find a small set of fairy lights so I can steal the on/off switch from it to make these. I realized I love to solder and my granddad was impressed! The light behind the photo reveals the new dimension that Sarah creates. This one was a wedding gift! 


I started making these at 9 years old. The ones below are also made with textile design by me. I like being a part of every step of the process. 


This is just one of linocuts, made because we all run on that bean-water fuel. 

Retro hangers

Most of my holiday gifts are usually art. I thought this was a unique way to mount art so that my friends and family don't have to buy a frame.