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Hi! I’m Melissa

these are thoughts, ideas, works in progress

So what do I do exactly?


When I was trying to write for my About/Contact Page I realized how hard it can be to explain what a creative does. Most of us wear a lot of hats. I thought it would smart for my first blog post to be about what I do.

Allow me to outline my skills:


Print Design

This is how I got my start! professionally at least. It started with simple things like business cards and letterheads. Over the years I’ve worked on large scale direct mail, in-store signage, gig posters and even giant outdoor signage like billboards.


Digital Design

This is another broad area of service. Most people think of web design but digital also means emails, display ads and social media graphics. I love designing for digital because it’s fast, it’s testable! You can also incorporate movement with video, gifs and animation.


Wedding Design

Ahh lovebirds, are the sweetest clients! I love helping a couple create something unique for their special day. It can be the colors, fonts and style they want. I can also help them price and plan out the pieces they need within their budget. Planning a wedding can be stressful but this can be one of the fun parts!



I’ve been drawing since I can remember. Drawing for my clients is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been working to define my style and develop my strengths as an artist.

One or perhaps several of these sound like something you need?

You can contact me here